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Who is Duke Hanson?

and why is he the best?

I'm glad you asked.


I'm the definition of class.  I drive a baller Cadillac, wear only the most comfortable and appropriate of shoes (that's Croc's, hun), upload the greatest content ever and consume a inordinate amount of Perrier.  How fancy is that!?


I play with the crappiest of weapons and attachments in videogames solely to prove how good I am, and to annoy people.  That's a epic gamer move, alright.


I dress in style with turtlenecks and a limited edition fannypack from a channel that no longer exists (don't ask), making me fashion incarnate.  Oh, and yeah, you can call me daddy meme master if that suits you.  Or the Duke.  Whatever floats your submarine.

That's all you really need to know.  Now watch this video.

Come on, its really important!

Trust me, please?  It'd make me really happy.

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